About us

Helpline Global Education Consultant is a professional Overseas Education Consultancy firm based in Dhaka (Bangladesh), with nearly two decades of experience in placing the right student in the right universities.

A combination of extensive experience, global presence and inside industry knowledge enables us to provide solutions that deliver results. With nearly two decades of experience and an established network, HELPLINE Global Education Consultant promises one stop resettlement solution to the people interested to study, migrate, resettle and do business in few of the most favored countries like Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand,Australia, Sweden, Malaysia, China and Portugal.

Helpline Global education Consultant has created great value in the Bangladeshi market in a short span of time with its ideology, strong educational background of founders & its philosophy of commitments. "HELPLINE has grown at an extraordinary rate with strong team with dedicated CEO with experience of more than 20 years in various technical & non-technical including education industries".

At HELPLINE, we understand that each student has different academic and social background as well as his/her truly unique goals for studying overseas. Our objective is to assist them to select the most suitable course and institution based on their personal interests and academic achievement with consummate advice so that they can confidently continue to pursue their education goals with achievable success. Counselors at HELPLINE are here to fulfill the hopes of parents and inspire students to achieving their potential through proper planning.